More on New Year’s Day Ride – Tour de Crepe

{ Experienced cruisers and above for this ride. No first-timers please – 18’s and 21’s are welcome to join. }

Howdy Folks… it’s time once again to don your cold weather kit and join us for the annual “Tour de Crepe” on New Year’s day at 7:30am. This will be an SCCC “Cruisers with Attitude” ride from the Bike Barn in Clear Lake City into the city of Houston and over to La Madeline’s restaurant in the Rice Village. After spinning the crank for 27 miles we’ll arrive at the French bistro and reload carbs by stuffing ourselves silly with crepes, pastries and otherwise healthy fruit floating in custard!!! They even have wine if you need some “hair of the dog” after that festive new year’s eve party J.

If you would like to join us here are the details, after the break:

1) The route on map-my-ride and you can view it here:

– This is urban riding and as such there will be some rough pavement along the way

– The section of Lawndale from Allen-Genoa over to Broadway resembles the “Road to Roubaix” – we’ll take it easy.

– The section of Cullen through the U of H campus appears to have suffered aerial bombardment – we might walk!

2) We’ll leave the Bike Barn parking lot in Clear Lake City promptly at 7:30am on New Year’s day and return around 1pm.

3) This will be a “Cruiser with Attitude (CWA)” ride which means the average will be 16 to 18 along the way.

Y’all have a safe and happy New Year’s eve and we hope to see you the morning after J

Ciao for now…

R. Lynn Holbrook

Cisco SE (Chevron Region) Houston, TX 713.859.8669

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