Sizing Information and Fit Kit Availability

Steve Hefner has put together a nice summary that includes pricing, availability of the fit kit, ordering information and sizing. You can download the document in Word format HERE.

When you’re ready to order, you can do so by following the links on the left [ “2009/ 10 club kit sales” ] or right  [ “order here” ] menus.

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8 Responses to Sizing Information and Fit Kit Availability

  1. Kristine says:

    The ordering page indicates $88 for women shorts while the kit information/size page indicates $80. Which one is a misprint?

    • ddcurrie says:

      $88 is the correct price. Sorry for the confusion. I thought I had updated Steve’s outline to match the ordering page — guess I’ll have to check that again.

      Dan Currie

  2. mrjackrabbit says:

    There appears to be a bit of a discrepancy in the jersey costs. The sleeveless is shown as $63 on the order page, but when you are checking out, it shows up as $65. So, what is the actual cost? I went ahead and ordered anyway, but others may have issues.

  3. ddcurrie says:

    Deadline to order is January 24.


  4. pcsanity says:

    When is the cutoff date to actually order the jerseys?

  5. ddcurrie says:

    I’ll ask Steve. He’s the guru on this.

  6. mrjackrabbit says:

    It looks like the sizing tables for Men’s short sleeve race cut and Men’s sleeveless club cut are identical. Is the sleeveless table in error, when it should actually match the Men’s short sleeve club cut jersey?

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