Defining the Club on a Sunday Ride

Our mission is to promote cycling as a sport and recreational activity for the entire family. On last Sunday’s ride — through his actions — one of our club members reminded me that the club stands for much more than a discount at Bike Barn.

I watched as a father of a young man dropped his son off in the Bike Barn parking lot. The dad wasn’t riding but he was chauffeuring, bike handling, and probably financing as well. Our club member took the young man under his wing. Rather than try to catch up with the group which was leaving, he stayed behind to let the young rider retrieve his water bottles that he had forgotten in his haste to get ready for the ride.

The two riders rode together for the rest of the day. The young man came with the right cycling hardware and clothing — it wasn’t his first time out — but as we all know, many of the most important lessons of cycling are best learned on the road. I have no doubt that the young rider benefitted greatly from the club member’s considerable cycling experience and his willingness to share it on this sunny, Sunday ride.

More importantly, our member’s act gave life to the club’s mission — promoting cycling. He could have ridden away and left the rider in the parking lot. He didn’t do that, which speaks volumes about the man. I won’t name the member because he isn’t given to self-promotion and I suspect he would prefer it this way. But his actions had an impact and reflected positively on the club. For that, he deserves a tip of the helmet and a thank you from all of us that value the club and the cycling that brings us together. Bravo.

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2 Responses to Defining the Club on a Sunday Ride

  1. Diana says:

    This person is a wonderful ambassador for the club.

  2. kd says:

    awesome..thanks for sharing!

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