Read any Good Sidewalls Lately?

Pro insight: In a recent tweet, Team RadioShack’s Levi Leipheimer told a questioner, “Depends on tire rating and rider weight, but I like 100/front 105/rear.” He’s talking about tire inflation pressure for training rides. Levi is a light guy and uses much less than the 120 psi (or more) “maximum recommended pressure” stamped on the sidewalls of most road tires. “Maximum” means don’t exceed this pressure, notinflate to this pressure. In fact, for many of us riding on 700×23 or 25 clinchers, 90-95 psi front and 95-100 rear will produce the most comfortable and efficient ride. Experiment, of course, to see what works best for your weight and road conditions. But unless you are a Clydesdale at risk for pinch flats, optimum pressure will be way short of 120 psi. Testing behind this recommendation can be found in theRBR eBookstore — “All About Tire Inflation,” an eArticle by Frank Berto.

Republished from RoadBikeRider, with their permission.

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