Spinning Season is Back!

email Scott if you want to join:  bikebarnspinclass@att.net

[ Note: this post is old but is maintained for archival purposes. Send an email to Scott at the address above if you’re interested in joining. ]

Dear Fellow Space City Cycling Club Spinners,

We are working on the details for the upcoming spin class.  We haven’t forgotten you.  As of right now, we are planning for a start date of 11/9 at 7PM and continue every Tuesday and Thursday until daylight savings time begins again at which time many of us will begin riding the paperclip ride in Dickinson again.  We have 11 people registered and can probably handle another 10 or so.

Now a little about the class.  A spin class is designed to maintain and improve your fitness level over the off season.  In a fitness center or gym, spin classes normally make use of a spin cycle.  We are going to use our own bicycles mounted on stationary trainers.  A trainer is a device that elevates your rear wheel and has a flywheel that your tire presses against to create friction approximating the road surface.  Varying degrees of intensity are achieved through  use of your gearing.  Trainer flywheels employ wind resistance, magnetic resistance, or fluid resistance.  The fluid trainers are the best because they are quieter and also have a more realistic road feel.

You will have to purchase your own trainer and you can use it at home and in future classes if you like.  Trainers vary in price from about $125 to $350.  One of the best brands is CycleOps.  Here is a link to a magnetic trainer:  http://www.rei.com/product/707996and here is a link to a fluid trainer:  http://www.rei.com/product/667910.  You will also need a wheel dish for your front wheel that should come with the trainer that elevates the front wheel to level the bicycle while in the trainer.  Another important detail is to have a PLAIN rear wheel quick release skewer which you can buy cheaply at a bike shop.  The reason is the fancy skewers on most bikes either won’t fit in the trainer clamp or will get all scratched up.

It is highly advisable to have a bicycle computer that can measure cadence (pedal rotation speed) off of your rear wheel since during the class I will ask you to achieve certain cadence like 95 RPMs.  You also have homework before your first class.  Your homework is to count the number of teeth on each of your gears on your cassette.  A typical 10 speed rear cassette might have gears with the following numbers of teeth 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23.  Typical front gears are 39 and 52 and some bikes have 3 front gears.  Learn your gearing in advance of the first class.  I will ask you to change into particular gears many times during the class.  An example of something I may ask is for everyone to switch into your 52-17 and maintain a 95 cadence.  That means your big gear on the front and your 17 gear on the rear and rotate your pedals at 95 RPMs.   I would also recommend a heart rate monitor to measure the intensity of your workout.  If anything I ask you to do gets too hard you can choose one easier gear to make it more achievable.    Best part is no one gets dropped in spin class.

So, what do we do in spin class?

1.    We stretch before we start.
2.    We gently warm up by spinning each at our own pace.
3.    We work on maintaining cadence and smooth pedal stroke.
4.    We practice intervals to improve recovery.
5.    We practice hill climbing.
6.    We practice sprints.
7.    We practice stair step intervals.
8.    We don’t do pace lines (insert humor).
9.    We evolve to one legged drills to improve pedal stroke and even both legs.
10.    We evolve to very high cadence drills to extend aerobic range.
11.  We cool down.
12.  We sometimes go out and eat afterwards because we have fun unlike the 21s (more humor).
13.  Scott is nicer in spin class then on the road and so is Travis (even more humor).

More later.

Stay tuned.  Comments and questions welcome.


Please email Scott for location details: bikebarnspinclass@att.net

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9 Responses to Spinning Season is Back!

  1. Theresa G. says:

    I love this class made me a stronger rider. Can not wait to start again thanks Bob & Scott

  2. Bob miller says:

    Only 3 weeks left for spin class– come join us for the remaining three weeks– it will help you as now Scott is teaching high cadence, this will give you a great inprovement on the road.

  3. Michael Boessling says:

    This class has been so much fun, hard work,but there is so much going on around you the time flies. Scott– you are great

  4. Alvin N. Sáenz says:

    Hey, Scott, we met a couple of weekends ago. I did the sixty mile ride with you guys and was always falling behind but finished it. When, where and how are the spin classes. Would love to attend. Thanks,

    Alvin N. Sáenz

    • Bob Miller says:

      The class is on tues and thursday pm — starts at 7pm and is over at 8pm. We have some spare trainers if you do not have one. You are welcome tonight if you can.


      Hey– this is Bob, my cell number is 713 376 4791 if you get lost. From the bike barn, when we do the wee-mart ride, instead of turning left on sunset, from 2351, go straight 1 mile, on the left you will see a sign that says La Casita Mexican restaurant, turn right, there are some metal buildings at the street, you will see the restaurant on the right, and the airport on your left, the street will dead end in about 1 mile, and you can turn left or right, go straight on the shell road and I am the first house on your left, you will see the big barn where we meet.

  5. Scott Thompson says:

    The class has been a lot of fun so far. Last time I led a spin class was almost 10 years ago. The more the merrier and the price is right. All you need to do is buy a trainer.

    –Scott the pirate SpinMaster

  6. Mario says:

    This class is great–hard and fun at the same time– go figure–can’t wait till next class. Lots of fun

  7. Mike Buoy says:

    I am a new rider and just learning, this class is wonderful for the training I want to do, the group is fun and cuts up a lot, Scott is a good teacher.

  8. This is my first spin class, Scott does a wonderful job teaching and pushing.

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