Greetings from Beijing

Morning rush hour looks like this in one of the Central Business Districts in Beijing, at least from the comfort of my 24th floor hotel room. There are more cars and fewer bicycles on the road today then there were five years ago — so much so that you can only drive your car on alternate days — part of the government efforts to reduce congestion.

There are many bike lanes available for those still riding and you don’t have to ride much to discern the hierarchy: trucks/buses –> cars –> motorbikes –> bicycles –> pedestrians. Any attempt to deviate from the established order can have grave consequences.

What is rare here is a cyclist wearing a helmet. Over about 10 trips to the city I might have seen one or two and they’re usually foreigners.

There are many wonderful things about the city but the traffic and the air (the grey stuff in the picture) aren’t among them.

Daniel Currie

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3 Responses to Greetings from Beijing

  1. Henry Chang says:

    I’m impressed by what you do with the SCCC.
    Henry Chang
    Beijing, China

  2. Kimball says:

    Thanks for sending that, Dan! I am privileged to get a note from so far away. I look forward to our next meeting on the road, so I can find out what you are up to, in China. Sincerely, Kimball

  3. Kim Rangel says:

    Hello Dan,
    Thank you for sharing about Beijing. It’s interesting to hear about a foreign city (even though from the photograph it sure looks like Houston) from a biker’s eyes. Biking does change how we view the world. Have a safe trip and we’ll look forward to you being back for the B.B. rides. Safe traveling!

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