What is the Firecracker 250?

Each year the club organizes a 4th of July weekend event in which members attempt to ride over 250 miles on the holiday weekend. See Steve Kornblau’s Facebook post below for information. This isn’t just an academic exercise — there are prizes! Official SCCC water bottles for the successful participants.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, keep track of your miles and report them to the club to qualify for your prize. Ride safely, protect yourself from the sun and HYDRATE!

For more information, use the search function on the site to see last year’s notice. I can’t post a new one right now because the country that I’m visiting has a great firewall and it won’t let me access WordPress through which our site is managed.


Daniel Currie

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2 Responses to What is the Firecracker 250?

  1. Fred arehart says:

    Will there be a Firecracker ride this year and if yes what wil be the ride dates…
    Fred arehart

    • spacecitycycling says:

      Fred, check the club’s Facebook page for information about that but I believe the answer is yes.

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