University of Connecticut – Research Study at Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred

Hello from the Exercise Science researchers at the University of Connecticut! –

At this year’s event our researchers will be back to perform a follow-up research study to the one performed in 2008. We are looking for athlete participants in three groups of the 100 mile HHH riders.

  • Racers (Cat 1 – 5) – That will be competing in the HHH criterium race series and/or the 100/90 mile road race
  • 5 hour pace group riders – That are participating in the escorted 100 mile 5 hour or 4.5 hour pace group
  • Endurance riders – That are participating in the general 100 mile endurance ride

Our research will focus on the physiological, psychological and nutritional effects of a 100 mile cycling event. With your help, we hope to define if differences exist between these groups of competitors and how each group can best prepare, complete, and recover from demanding cycling events.

Your participation will involve a maximum of 4 hours over the course of the HHH weekend. You will not be monetarily compensated for your participation. However, you will have access to all of your physiological, psychological, and nutritional information after the race. You will also be part of one of the few exercise studies that is looking at the effects of criterium and endurance events..

If you would like more information about this unique opportunity to give back to the cycling community please contact Evan Johnson at evan.johnson or Colleen Munoz at colleen.doyle . Both investigators can also be reached by phone at 860-486-2543.

Thanks for your time, and see you on the course!


The University of Connecticut, Human Performance Laboratory

The principal investigator is Lawrence Armstrong, Ph.D.

This study has been approved by the University of Connecticut,

Institutional Review Board for Human Studies, Storrs CT.
Protocol # H11-122

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