F R E E Spin Class starts this Tuesday, November 8 at 7PM…

Scott Thompson posted in Space City Cycling Club.

Scott Thompson 1:59pm Nov 6

Spin Class starts this Tuesday, November 8 at 7PM and meets each Tuesday and Thursday until Spring. Now a little about the class. First, it is FREE. Good price huh? A spin class is designed to maintain and improve your fitness level over the off season. In a fitness center or gym, spin classes normally make use of a spin cycle. We are going to use our own bicycles mounted on stationary trainers. A trainer is a device that elevates your rear wheel and has a flywheel that your tire presses against to create friction approximating the road surface feel of resistance. Varying degrees of intensity are achieved through use of your gearing and pedal rotation speed.


Send E-mail to SpaceCityCycling@att.net and I will send you details and directions.

Scott *ThePirateSpinMaster*


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8 Responses to F R E E Spin Class starts this Tuesday, November 8 at 7PM…

  1. Travis Rutherford says:

    Spin 101… intro to pain and suffering. Tonight was high & low cadence work. Basically its breaking down the legs so we can build them up; and it “hurts so good!”. In just a few weeks spin class members are going to notice the increased ability to sustain longer efforts when the lead picks up the pace. Folks, if you are a neo or a cruiser or just someone that wants to improve your fitness on the bike; this class is the best freebie deal you are going to get. This is not only a spin class, its an opportunity to interact with experienced cyclist. Some of us have over 10 years and two; Scott and myself each have over 20 years experience on the road. We talk about everything (strategy, tactics, techniques, equipment, fit, abilities, rides) that makes up road cycling. Everybody left with a smile tonight and no one will leave this class because it was no fun or they didn’t benefit from it..
    The TMAN…..assistant Pirate Spinmiester

    • Salvador says:

      WOW– last night we had 17 in spin class– it is growning and hard and fun at the same time– Scott- you are doing a great job plushing us. Thanks for the hard work

  2. Mario says:

    I really like this class. It is hard but fun

  3. Bob Miller says:

    Bob’s phone is 713 376 4791

  4. Michael says:

    This class is great!

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Scott led the first free spin class last night (tuesday) and as usual did a great job, this is a great way to stay in shape over the winter and to meet a great bunch of fellow riders. Come join Scott and the rest of us for some fun.

  6. Kerri says:

    I’m interested, but not sure where you meet. I know you’ve done this in the past.

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