Does anyone know if the NeoCruiser group really…

Dewey McGee III commented on Abigail De Los Reyes’s post in Space City Cycling Club.

Hi Abigail, I am one of the Neo-Cruiser...
Dewey McGee III 1:37pm Feb 23

Hi Abigail,

I am one of the Neo-Cruiser trainers, Dewey! Yes, we do stick to 12 to 14mph pace,
and we ask on the fast half of the ride if you prefer to ride a little faster on the second half of
the ride. All the decide which pace they feel comfortable with riding, but we do slow down at
your request so the other riders are aware also. If you have any other questions just email again.

Dewey McGee
Cruiser Trainer

Comment History

Mark Stiefel
Mark Stiefel 6:25am Feb 23

I think they have the 19 interval group wrong. I don’t see 18 too often…bunch of physco’s… Ha ha

Currie Daniel
Currie Daniel 7:54pm Feb 22

Club members that sign up to lead the NeoCruisers know that the goal of that ride is to get the whole group back to the starting point no matter what the speed. It would be disappointing if we did otherwise — this is the place where we build the club from the ground up and the "volunteer leaders" have done a great job. We need more of them!

Andrea Peters
Andrea Peters 9:25am Feb 22

I rode with the neocruisers recently and yes we did stick to that pace for the most part. We went a little faster for a short time, but it was a group decision to do so.

Original Post

Abigail De Los Reyes
Abigail De Los Reyes 11:14pm Feb 21

Does anyone know if the NeoCruiser group really sticks to about the 12 to 14mph pace?


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