2014 Century Challenge

Announcing the 2014 Century Challenge

Forget about New Year’s resolutions, just commit to the 2014 Century Challenge. This year we have a new coordinator for the event, Brian Critelli but the format and rules are still the same. 
First things first, Brian needs to know that you intend to participate.
Send your information to the info@spacecitycycling.com.   Put “Century” in the subject line.
He will need the following information for the 2014 challenge:
  1. First and Last Name
  2. Email Address
For those that completed the 2013 Century Challenge we need confirmation of the Jersey size they are requesting.   We had 67 enter the challenge for 2013.  Only 32 provided their jersey size.
We have rules. Please follow them, even if your disposition is to not follow rules.
Rules for Participation
1. Be a current member in SCCC (dues have been paid for 2014 season before the end of Jan 2014).
2. Ride a minimum of 100 miles in a single day in a calendar month, each month.
3. Ride is on the road — no trainer centuries!
4. Multiple centuries in one month may not be credited to other months. In other words, no doubling up in one month to make up for short-fall in another month.
5. No bonus points for speed, style or distance beyond 100 miles. No minimum average speed required.
6. Ride can be solo or with a group — it is entirely up to you.
7. Notify the Century Challenge coordinator of your completed century  @ info@spacecitycycling.com.

  • Email must be sent within 30 days of completing your century.  Failure to send your email within the 30 day period will result in you being dropped from the challenge.
  • Email must contain, name, date of century and miles ridden

A monthly tally of those completing centuries will be posted periodically to the website. For those that complete the challenge, a custom designed jersey will be awarded to you!

Best of luck!

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