1. Andre Dillingham
  2. Blake Powitzky
  3. Chris Bauch
  4. Demetrius Roberts
  5. Don Wadleigh
  6. Fred Arehart
  7. George Macke
  8. Glenn Deshotel
  9. Jerry Budau
  10. Jonathon Burkhardt
  11. Julio Salazar
  12. Kanae Ishihara
  13. Keith Husband
  14. Kent Dehart
  15. Loyd Harrison
  16. Mark Stiefel
  17. Michal Pawlowski
  18. Miles Thompson
  19. Paul Keegan
  20. Roger Anderson
  21. Roy Halle
  22. Sid Powers
  23. Sharon Deshotel
  24. Sheri Husband
  25. Steve Kornblau
  26. Sylinda Kenyon
  27. William Phillips

*If you do not see your name and you’ve completed your January century please email info@spacecitycycling.com.

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