Our mission is simple — to support and encourage all kinds of cycling for our community. We ride at all speeds, slow to fast and everything in between. We’re not just a bunch of racers. We’re young and not so young. We’re all sizes and colors. We are connected by a common element — the love of cycling.

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Space City Cycling Club’s mission is to promote cycling as a sport and recreational activity for the entire family.

We Ride Weekly. In five speed groups, including the NeoCruisers for brand new riders, on Saturday and on Sunday, join our increasingly popular “Coffee Ride” to Noah’s Ark in Bacliff. We start at the Bike Barn in Clear Lake at 7:30 am. Come prepared with your bike in sound mechanical shape and with your spirit ready to enjoy a fun ride. Follow this  link   for what to bring on a ride if you’re unsure.

Join the Space City Cycling Club.

We Meet Monthly. Our club meetings are typically held on the second Monday of the month.  It is a great place to connect with club members while stationary, share a meal with fellow cyclists and learn something new and interesting about cycling. Sometimes, instead of a meeting, we have a special event like the May Fete, Oktoberfest or Holiday Party.

You should join. Enjoy the Ride. Really.

Contact us at info@spacecitycycling.com


7 Responses to MISSION

  1. Lucinda Robinson says:

    Is there an age limit? Looking for a junior cycling club close to home for my son. He’s 15.

  2. Dylan Rose says:

    Just getting into cycling and wanting to find some people to ride with during the weekends?
    Any help please? 🙂

    Side Note: Own a Raleigh Revenio 2.0

    Dylan Rose

    Email: Enzos221@yahoo.com

    • spacecitycycling says:

      Welcome. There are about 400 members in our club and you’ll find a good number of them in front of Bike Barn on Bay Area Blvd on Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. Check the information at spacecitycycling.com including what to bring on a ride, information about riding in groups and the various “speed” groups from NeoCruiser to Warp Speeders. Lastly, join the club by following the link at spacecitycycling.com — $25 per year — best value around. — Daniel Currie

  3. jen says:


    I am looking to join a group to do rides with on the weekends.

    • ddcurrie says:

      Jen, you’ve come to the right place.

      The Space City Cycling club has rides on Saturday and Sunday. We start from the Bike Barn parking lot on Bay Area Blvd in Clear Lake at 7:30 am. Saturday is the day with the most riders and so we have at least four or five different speed groups, based roughly on average speeds: 15’s/18’s/21’s/23’s/Warp Speed. Distance wise you’ll find either a shorter ride of 40-45 miles with an option to go 65 if you choose. The 15’s (also known as cruisers) and the 18’s are NO Drop rides, meaning we stop for repairs and other issues as needed. I can’t guarantee that for the other speed groups.

      On Sundays there are fewer riders and some groups may be combined, but we’re still out there.

      See you Saturday? Call my cell phone if you want more information: 832-647-9623.

      Daniel Currie for the SCCC

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