This is your invitation. Club Members begin gathering at the Clear Lake Bike Barn every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning about 30 minutes before ride departure time, 7:30a.m (Sat 7am Mid summer). Rain usually cancels the ride. Windy, hot and cold are usually okay for riding. Identify yourself as a new member, you will be offered assistance as needed. After you enjoy your first couple of rides, we ask you to join our club!

What to bring on a ride:


1. Bike

2. Helmet (we will not allow you to ride without this!)

3. Tubes to fix flats

4. Pump or CO2 to inflate tubes

5. Tools you need to fix a flat

Optional but really, really nice to have along

1. Bike gloves (fingerless for hot weather – full for cold)

2. Sunglasses

3. Bike Shoes – if you have clipless pedals on your bike

4. Water bottles and/or camelback with water or Gatorade type drink.

5. Credit card and $10-$20

6. ID – Driver’s License for most (you can be ticketed without your license)

7. Health Insurance Card

8. Emergency Contact Information (ID Bracelet)

9. Cell phone

10. Fuel in the form of candy bars, energy bars, nuts, banana.

11. One or two bandanas

12. Sunscreen and chapstick

13. An open attitude and thick skin – as a new rider, you will need to be willing to listen to those around you and respond positively. There’s more to riding safely in a group than meets the eye. Experienced club members will point out and instruct new members on safe riding habits. Come willing to listen and learn. Safety is number one with SCCC – we are serious about it

What to wear on a ride:
 Most of us wear cycling jerseys and well-padded bike shorts. Bike Barn (our club sponsor) carries a great selection. Club members are given a generous discount on all cycling accessories. You can ride in regular shorts, but you will be more comfortable in the bike shorts.

Your shirt may be a bike jersey or whatever you are comfortable in. Bike jerseys offer storage pockets for all of the gear you need to carry listed above. Bike Barn has these shirts for you also.

Did we mention Sunscreen!! Please leave your tunes at home or in your car!

Contact us at



  1. Glenn Wise says:

    I’m interested in joining

  2. Karin StJohn says:

    I joined this cycling club last week and want to join the Facebook page as well but I am on Facebook under another name, Josephine Pell. I requested to join the FB group and wanted to let the administrator know that Josephine is really Karin StJohn.
    Thanks! Karin
    p.s. how do we find out about rides on Friday and Sunday?

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