You can do it here: Sign Up NOW!

Our Membership Fee is $30.00 Per Member.

Fill out our application bring it to Bike Barn / Mail / Email

Don’t forget to send your check to PO Box 580567, Houston, TX 77258

SCCC Membership Application new or renewal leave at Bike Barn or Mail.


  1. Glenn Wise says:

    Where do you all cycle at I’m new to cycling

  2. Sheila McLay-VanKersen says:

    Even though we no longer live in Texas we want to remain active members of Space City Cycling Club because it is an awesome club! Thank you! We miss you all!!

  3. Ken Travitz says:

    I just joined via Active and would like to get involved in group rides soon. I work on a rotation so I was wondering if you ever have any weekday rides? Thanks!

  4. Jeremy Clingman says:

    I’m interested in joining, do you have a. Ms150 team? This will be my third year doing the ride and I would love to join a local team this time! Thanks,
    Jeremy Clingman

    • spacecitycycling says:

      We do not have an official team although some of our members ride the MS150.
      Check out the Bike Barn Team.

  5. Hoang N Do says:

    Hoang Do, I just jointed SCCC !

  6. David Cutler says:

    How do I know if payment was received by the club? Active said it was processed, but I didn’t receive anything from the club (i.e., email response from club).

  7. David Cutler says:

    Hello there. I joined the club via Active a few weeks ago and have ‘t received any confirmation. Is Active still being used or is there another process being used? Thanks for your help on this.

  8. TJ Mitchell says:

    I sent a check in to join last week. Will I receive confirmation that my husband and I have joined? Thank you.

  9. Theresa says:

    I went to web site I was filling the membership appl. but it did not let me used my cell# for my home # so I’m just going to bike barn and fill out the appl

  10. Vicki Schnell says:

    oh my goodness. I did not know that my yuckie morning…no makeup…drag myself out of bed and our course more weight on than I desire picture would be on the website. Would you please warn us when you are going to snap a photo. I think it would be great to take a picture of all the absolutely beautiful things tht we see on our rides…and post that. I remember this day…I truly did roll out of bed and get on the bike.

    • ddcurrie says:

      We’re not that organized to give advance notice of picture taking and picture posting. But if you’d like to take on the job of club photo-archivist, please make your application to the president 😉

  11. ddcurrie says:

    Jack, I sent you email directly. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Payment received.

    Dan Currie

  12. Jake Propp says:

    Sorry Kimball but club dues are due every January no matter when you joined during the year. There are many benefits to being a member in SCCC which will cover the $25.00 membership dues many times over in a year.

  13. Kimball Messer says:

    I joined in August of last year, so I can wait until August to renew, right?

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